MINORS – Small children and/or Minors (children under the age of 18) that are accompanied by an adult or guardian are allowed in our store. Please remember that we have a large selection of expensive firearms, accessories, equipment that are not only fragile, but also expensive and, in some cases, dangerous. For these reasons, we ask that children not be allowed to touch, handle, drop or come in contact with any items located in the store. We also ask that you not allow any horseplay, fighting, roughhousing, running, jumping, skipping, etc. that could lead to accidental damage to the facility or injury our customers.

We strive to present a safe and secure environment to our customers while they are patronizing our facility.

WARRANTIES – Jefferson Gun Outlet is not a repair or Gunsmithing facility. We do not have a gunsmith on staff and will refer such requests out to local certified gunsmiths upon request. We make no express or implied warranty on any work performed by anyone not under the employment of Jefferson Gun Outlet. The only warranty provided on any/all items are provided by the manufacturers of said items. Please refer to the documentation included with your purchase for details on manufacturer warranties. Do not return damaged or defective items to the store. Jefferson Gun Outlet will do whatever is within our means to assist in the resolution of any problem that may occur.

PRE-OWNED FIREARMS – Jefferson Gun Outlet does provide a display case (pistols) and weapon rack (rifles) to feature and sell consignment firearms for our customers at a nominal fee. All consignment items are sold as-is and with no warranty of fitness or performance. Purchasers of pre-owned firearms are strongly encouraged to contact the manufacturer to check for any current recall information, obtain an owner’s manual, etc. for their purchase. Please contact us to inquire about displaying your firearm with us in our showcase.

RETURN POLICY – Ammunition and Firearms can not be returned. Returns of accessories, equipment, holsters, optics, etc. are reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis. Customer satisfaction is our goal, so our staff will work with you on your return. Please keep all packaging materials, documentation, receipts, etc. Store credit will be issued for returned items unless a special exception is made otherwise. No returns of any items are considered after 15 days for any reason.

PRICING – Jefferson Gun Outlet tries to maintain competitive pricing. Pricing may fluctuate as product demand increases/decreases. Your understanding is appreciated as stocked items may be sold-out and replaced with possible higher-cost items to fill a demand. In the event of a mis-printed ad or display, we reserve the right to sell said items at the correct, current price.

C.O.D. SHIPPING – We do not receive any shipping items that require C.O.D. Purchase orders must have prior approval for acceptance.

AGE RESTRICTIONS – All products in our store are intended to be used, possessed or purchased by adults. You must be 18 years or older to purchase a shotgun or rifle, including ammunition, and 21 years or older to purchase a handgun, including handgun ammunition. No exceptions.

WAITING PERIOD FOR FIREARMS – If a “HOLD” or “DELAY” notice is give at the time of the background check, please understand that Jefferson Gun Outlet in no way has any influence or control of that decision. Jefferson Gun Outlet will always adhere to the law and guidelines set forth therein by the Department of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

BACKGROUND CHECKS – A BATF&E Form is required for the purchase of ALL Firearms at Jefferson Gun Outlet. You are required to present a valid photo ID or drivers license with a current and valid address. Military or Law Enforcement personnel wishing to participate in the “BLUE LABEL” program must have a valid Military ID, as well as a copy of their Permanent Duty Station Orders and any existing, current drivers’ license. TDY orders are not acceptable.

OUT OF STATE RESIDENTS – Sales to persons residing out of state are only possible if the firearm is shipped to an FFL dealer in the customers state of residence who will comply with the laws and regulations of your state. We will need an original, signed copy of the FFL License and mailing address of the dealer to which it is to be shipped.


Q. I found the same rifle at another store for a lower price… will you match their price? A. In some instances we do attempt to match the price of other retail stores, however, Jefferson Gun Outlet is a local business and in some circumstances can not compete with major chain retail stores that buy in large bulk amounts or advertise sales with only one firearm in stock. We do not consider price matching on hearsay, used firearms, expired advertising, any exclusive items we may/may not have access to, etc.

Q. Can I have a purchase shipped to you C.O.D.? A. No. We do not accept C.O.D. deliveries.

Q. Do you finance the purchase of firearms? A. Jefferson Gun Outlet is more than happy to accommodate lay-away sales. With lay-away sales, the firearm is placed in our secure safe until it has been paid in full.

Q. Why was my background check “denied”, “delayed” or put on “hold”? A. Our responsibility to hand that firearm over to you is given to us by the ATF following a background check. If we are told to hold or delay the relinquishing of that item to you, we are bound to comply with the directives set fourth by the Federal Government. As to why you were actually denied to a hold was placed on the firearm, we have no control over that decision, nor are we given a reason as to why that decision was made.

Q: What are the store hours of the gun store? A: Store hours can be found on our home page or the contact us page.

Q: What types of firearms do gun stores typically carry? A: We carry a variety of firearms, including handguns, shotguns, rifles, and sometimes specialized firearms such as AR-15 style rifles or tactical firearms, NFA Items (suppressors, short barrel rifles, etc.).

Q: Do you sell ammunition and accessories? A: Yes, we offer a selection of ammunition and firearm accessories such as holsters, magazines, optics, cleaning supplies, and more.

Q: Can I purchase a firearm online and have it shipped to Jefferson Gun Outlet? A: In many cases, yes. We are a licensed Federal Firearms Dealer (FFL) and can accept firearm shipments on behalf of customers who have made online purchases.

Q: What is the process for purchasing a firearm at Jefferson Gun Outlet? A: The process typically involves completing a background check, filling out a federal form (such as ATF Form 4473), and providing necessary identification.

Q: What are the age restrictions for purchasing firearms? A: Age restrictions can vary depending on the type of firearm or item desired. In the United States, federal law generally requires a minimum age of 18 for purchasing rifles and shotguns, and a minimum age of 21 for purchasing handguns from licensed dealers.

Q: Does Jefferson Gun offer firearm training or safety classes? A: We offer firearm training and safety classes, either on-site or in partnership with certified instructors. These classes can cover topics such as basic firearm handling, shooting techniques, and firearm safety.

Q: What is the return policy for firearms and accessories purchased from a gun store? A: We do not take returns on Firearms. Returns on items purchased in the store are dealt with on a case by case basis. Generally, all sales are final on all items.

Q. Can I test out a firearm before I purchase it? A. Unfortunately not. We do however offer a wide range of firearms and calibers in our Shooting Range for rental purposes.

Q. Do you take trade-ins? A. Yes. We take firearm trade in’s either for a check or for credit toward the purchase of another firearm. It does matter if you have all items that go with the firearm, for example, extra magazines, the box, the owner’s manual, etc.

Q. Do you purchase firearms? A. Yes. We can assess and offer a value for any firearm presented to us for purchase. We also can make offers on entire collections.

Q. Can I sell my gun in your store? Yes. We offer a consignment service if you wish to sell a firearm in our retail store. The normal procedure for this is you provide us with an amount you wish to receive from the sale of the firearm and we add our commission on top of that amount. Please take this into consideration when you provide your sale price as it could affect the sale of your item.

PLEASE NOTE: Once a firearm is placed on consignment, the owner can remove the firearm and take custody of it again, however, a background check would be required to then transfer custody back to the owner of the firearm prior to them being allowed to leave the property with it in their possession.

Q. Can you appraise a firearm for me? No. We do not offer appraisal services.