Firearms Transfers –

Did you find that perfect firearm online? Want to buy a gun from your next door neighbor? Protect yourself and legally have that firearm transferred at Jefferson Gun Outlet.

There Are 2 Types of Firearms Transfers

You’ve purchased a gun from an out-of-state dealer and want it shipped to us for final transfer to you.  Need a copy of our FFL? Click here to download and print. Then you can fax or mail it to the shipper/receiver.

You want to purchase a firearm from another private party. In order to do this legally, your best bet is to come into the store with the seller. The gun is transferred into our inventory, and out of the seller’s name. You will fill out the federal firearm purchase for and present current identification and, if applicable, permit to purchase. We will verify the background check and, upon successful completion, transfer the firearm to the new owner.

There is a small fee for firearms transfers per firearm. WE DO NOT charge a transfer fee when buying a gun from Jefferson Gun Outlet.

Custom Handgun Sight Installation –

Most handgun sights require an hour expensive sight tool… Buy your sights from us and let us install them! Have a sight at home? Bring it in and we can take a look and assist in getting them installed! Please call or come by for details!

Furniture & Accessory Installation –

Purchased furniture or accessories for your new rifle, shotgun, pistol or other firearm and need it installed? We can help! Our on-site professionals can outfit your weapon to fulfill all your tactical and performance needs!

Recall and Factory Repair Shipping –

Have a weapon in need of repair? Has there been a factory recall on your firearm? Bring it in to our facility and we will assist in the shipping, transfer or custody of your item back to the factory for the work to be performed.

Firearm consignment sales –

Have a firearm you’re trying to sell? Bring it in to our team of professionals and we can sell it for you! Your weapon will be displayed in our consignment case or on our consignment rifle rack in a premier location within the store for all to see. For details on consignment items, please call us today!

Class III sales and preparation –

Have questions regarding the purchase of a suppressor, SBR (short barrel rifle) or any other her class III firearms or accessories? Call or come by and get the information or items you need today! This is a highly regulated process and we can make sure you’re doing everything in accordance with the law and regulations. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

and more… if you have any question regarding any of our firearm services, please feel free to give us a call!